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Sapori Puri

Premium olive oil from Italy

Imported olive oil from small producers in Italy

Born from the love for good food and drink, the desire to share the 'green gold' as italians call it, started me on this endeavour.
Appreciating the quality of small produces and the attention they put into their products, motivated me to make this avalable for a bigger audience.


The name 'Sapori Puri' is italian for 'pure tastes'. This as the oil is sourced from the small produces personally, during my frequent travels to Italy.
To keep the footprint low on nature, I sell the oil in recycled glass bottels, with a minimal label. Thus all different types of oils look alike in the same bottle - only small variations in color can be noticed.


Sicilian Caló

This olive oil hails from the center of Sicily, the olives are gathered in a private orchard that counts 240 olive trees. Due to this the availability varies from year to year.

Tuscan tree of life

This olive oil hails from the Firenze region, where it is grown with respect for nature in a fully biological way.


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Where we deliver:

At this point in time the oil can be delivered only to the Benelux area. Pickup service is also available in the Netherlands Randstad area. Contact us.

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